Iaido/Japanese Swordsmanship

Iaido / Japanese Swordsmanship
The martial art of Iaido can be translated as “Japanese Swordsmanship”. The practice of Iaido can be associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its saya (scabbard), striking or cutting an opponent, removing the blood from the blade and then replacing the sword in the saya. Practitioners of Iaido are referred to iaidoka.

At the Karate Quest Dojo iaidoka practice Muso Shinden-Ryu Iaido founded by the late Hakudo Nakayama (1869-1958). One of his students, the late Takeshi Mitsuzuka (1926-2008), traveled the world to spread the practice of Iaido and formed the San Shin Kai, an organization of students following his teachings. Mitsuzuka Sensei was also the model in the well known book Japanese Swordsmanship by Donn Draeger and Gordon Warner.

Iaidoka at the Karate Quest Dojo train in weekly classes and/or monthly intensive seminars. The classes and seminars are taught by Roger Wehrhahn, Kyoshi. Wehrhahn Shihan was a top student of Mitsuzuka Sensei and, in addition to producing martial arts training DVDs as well as traveling nationally and internationally to teach martial arts seminars, is presently the head instructor of the North American San Shin Kai and Tatsu Ken Jutsu Kyokai.

Beginning and experienced martial arts students are welcome. Please call us at (845) 858-5425 to get started.