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Burn the Fat and Build the Muscle! Get into the shape that you’ve always dreamed of!


Our FitQuest Kickboxing Classes in Warwick, NY and Port Jervis, NY are designed for all levels of fitness and experience. In addition to the camaraderie of the participants in class there is a combination of exercises utilizing bodyweight as well as weights, bands, medicine balls, stability balls, plyo boxes and so much more!


The kickboxing techniques are real…which means you will learn a skill in addition to safely executing the proper technique! You will also safely hit the heavy bags to build the skill and burn the fat!

Did we mention that the classes are FUN? They are!


Our kickboxing coaches are also martial artists who have an active fitness background…they walk the walk and talk the talk! Like an excellent personal trainer they will figure out which buttons to push and help their kickboxers reach their fitness goals!


Getting started is easy…try our Kickboxing Quick Start Special which is 3 Fitness Kickboxing Classes for $19.99! Official Boxing Gloves are Included!

For classes in Warwick, NY please go to: Warwick NY Fitness Kickboxing Classes to register for the Quick Start Special!

For classes in Port Jervis, NY please go to: Port Jervis NY Fitness Kickboxing Classes to register for the Quick Start Special!

After you purchase the special please call the facility nearest to you (Warwick 845-988-9223 or Port Jervis 845-858-5425) to make an appointment for your first class and fitness analysis. We have morning and evening classes in both of our facilities that are convenient to attend. BTW…we have 12 Different Colors of Gloves to choose from! Please note that this may not be combined with other offers, is for residents who live locally to our facilities and is for new members only!

See you in class!